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XIII Mystic Kit

A portable shelf kit for the modern-day witch

This mystic kit provides modern-day witches with everything they need to perform basic rituals. The symbolism embedded within mysticism provided a rare opportunity to design a unique packaging system. Each piece contains patterning and symbols that hold relevant meaning to each product. The kit is packaged in a hand-crafted wooden box that can be used as a countertop shelf, or stored away. My objective is to break stereotypes and reflect the idea that Wicca is a positive, nature-based practice. I chose a bright aesthetic using marble, matte gold, and natural materials. Throughout the process, I was able to learn a lot about a fascinating belief system and subculture.

Michelle Merlin Mystic Wicca Kit
Michelle Merlin Death Tarot Card
Michelle Merlin Tarot Card Queen Swords
Michelle Merlin Tarot Card Star
Michelle Merlin Tarot Card Tower